Do you work in a hostel?

Hostel volunteers and receptionists play an important role at Hostel Hop. We have worked and lived in hostels for years and we know the most recommendations come from travelers temporarily working at the front desk. Hostel Hop empowers receptionists to earn more, on top of the 4% back you can earn for recommendations. Earn $20 for every hostel you sign up, and $3 for every traveler.
Make more for the same job
As a hostel receptionist, your natural role involves recommending hostels and suggesting destinations to fellow travelers. Hostel Hop not only allows you to effortlessly receive compensation for the work you're already doing but also rewards you for signing up travelers.
Earn 4% back redeemable for cash every time a traveler make your recommendation.
Earn an additional $20 when you get any of the hostels you work in to join the hostel hop platform.
Once the platform is open to travelers you can earn $3 cash every time you sign up a traveler.
Find new places to work and stay along your journey
Soon Hostel Hop will allow hostels to list availability for work and stay opportunities. If you sustain your journeys by working and volunteering in hostels you will be able to book jobs through the app. Join our receptionist program and you will be the first to know about these features when they are offered.
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